Infinity War: 10 Important Details You Totally Missed

  • Published on:  May 7, 2018
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    Did you catch any of these important hidden details in Avengers: Infinity War? Subscribe to our channel: out "How Time Travel Will Affect Marvel's Avengers 4" from our friends over at CBR: War is out now and what an epic start to this two part finale. Thanos has come and he isn’t pulling any punches. In the middle of all the mayhem and amazing character banter between our favorite heroes, a lot of little details likely passed you by. For instance, did you know that there was an Arrested Development character in the Knowhere scene? Blink and you’ll miss it. Thor’s sidequest involves forging a new hammer to battle Thanos but that weapon’s name ties into another Marvel character from the comics. The post credit scene may be confusing to those who haven’t read the comics or are up to date on current affairs, but a quick little symbol is easily identifiable by those who are familiar with the stories. Vision has a tough time in this movie and he actually sports a second costume briefly that’s taken straight out of the comic book page. Speaking of the comics, Thanos’ final shot is a direct duplicate of the final panels of the Infinity Gauntlet comic run. In that same comic, The Silver Surfer comes crashing to earth to warn Dr. Strange about Thanos. In this version, the filmmakers adapt this scene with their own MCU character. An old villain makes a return in Infinity War, but is voiced by a completely new character this time around. This character also has a nice little reference towards Lady Death, a character hugely important to Thanos in the comics. There’s a bunch of mysteries surrounding the soul gems, but it seems that we got to see the Soulworld in the movie as well which opens up new possibilities in Avengers 4.Check out these other awesome videos!5 Marvel Actors Who Hated Their Superhero Costumes Marvel Villains Most Fans Forgot Are Still Lurking In The MCU Entry 1 END CREDIT SCENEEntry 2 VISION’S NEW LOOKEntry 3 ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT CAMEOEntry 4 THE SOULWORLDEntry 5 KNOWHERE ATTACKEntry 6 STORMBREAKEREntry 7 A NEW VOICEEntry 8 DEATHEntry 9 THANOS’ ENDINGEntry 10 SILVER HULKOur Social Media: Website Video Infinity War: 10 Important Details You Totally Missed upload by channel ago just now with 5.2M views.Rating: %(by users) - What think other users about this videos -

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